Westgate Autoshow

Venue & Event Information

Venue: Westgate Shopping Mall

From: 2019-08-01

To: 2019-08-04

Event Information

The Westgate Shopping Mall Auto Show is the premier showcase of the newest model cars, vans, crossovers,

hybrids, light trucks, sport utilities to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Consumers and shoppers will not only see all the newest affordable vehicles and your flagship models . It will

be the perfect place to see the latest examples of fuel efficient technologies and aftermarket accessories.

The Westgate Shopping Mall Auto Show seeks to target a broad range of companies across the motor industry

including; manufacturers, insurance companies, financing companies and vehicle accessories etc.

Shoppers will have a chance to interact with various dealer representatives on the ground; it will be easy to

do the math, compare prices and features, saving both time and money.

The Westgate Auto Show will be great for those looking to make their next vehicle purchase and the entire

family will have lots of fun.

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